School Project Weekend

Full share Members:

Week 24

Salad Pack Members 1-18: Season 3 Week 4

Hello fellow FOLO members 😊🌿💕

This week member's message is a bit earlier as we have some minor changes for the collection of vegetables.

We will be having an official opening for the project we did in the school at Sedenak this coming Saturday.

So, farm will be closed this Saturday, 25th Feb 2017.

Delivery remain on Friday as usual.

Collection of vege will be on Friday, 3pm to 6pm.

For those who really couldn't make it, we have 2 options for you: collect on Monday or inform us earlier so that we can arrange for delivery.

Also, our vegetables are growing strong and good ! This means that we have extra harvest and we will be selling veggies on Friday from 3pm!

For full share members, new cycle will start on 4th of March.

We are grateful for your continuous support! And, let's welcome our new members! 🙏❤

Thank you, have a good day 😄🌿🙏💕😊

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