FOLO Back in ActioN!

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Hi FOLO Members!

It has been a quite an eventful CNY and the FOLO team is now recharged and back in action after the well deserved break! The weather lately has been really wet and cold, and we hope everyone's doing well while waiting for the new week of FOLO veggies to replenish our body and soul. 😊

The stormy weather wasn't friendly to our leafy veggies and lettuce, so harvest is slightly lower this week. In fact, Sheay Wei's cousin, a veggie wholesaler in Alor Setar, told us that Cai Xin prices have gone up 7-8 times since late last year! Even chemical farmers are struggling with the weather... ☹🌨🌨

So this week every salad member will get 1 more bottle of microgreens, next week should return to normal!

As for regular pack members, our corn, brinjal and beans all remain ok, but leafy greens are low, so don't be surprised if the box looks lesser but heavy 😁. We will try to make it up as the harvest improves in the coming weeks.

Sin Chew ePaper recently published a superbly written article on FOLO, and we feel so blessed to have these media support us every step of the way. What caught our attention was the article's caption in Chinese, "舌尖上的希望" (Hope on the Tip of our Tongues), a really powerful quote that brings so much meaning to what we have all been working so hard for, and even more reason for us to keep going and make this hope a reality. 💪🏼💪🏼

As some might have known, we have added a new sifting machine to our composting strength, and have actively been sifting our compost to a finer particle size, so that the compost can mix evenly into our veggie beds and allow more distribution of those wonderful microbes! The larger pieces, still loaded with abundant microbes, are tossed back to our existing compost piles so they can continue their wonderful work inoculating the uncompleted composting process. Our work is still rather manual, and it is not easy work for the farmers. Eventually, we do hope that one day we can mechanise more of our work and make our farming more efficient!

As production at Ban Foo expands, we are slowly scaling back Kempas' production and try to convert that gorgeous plot of land to a member's garden and community farm. It will be a place where people can socialise, experience urban farming, and share valuable experiences. We are also very fortunate to have found new help at Kempas! His name is Abdul Rahman, a.k.a Man, and his is Abdul Malik's nephew. He has been doing an amazing job at Kempas, and slowly transforming it to become a better environment for everyone! Give him a big shout out when you do see him at Kempas!

Shifu has also been experimenting with butter lettuce and heirloom lettuce and the results were very promising! So be ready to expect some of these amazing veggies in your boxes really soon! 🍀🍀🍀

Lastly, for full share members, there will be only 3 more weeks before the end of Season 3, so we will be contacting you next week on your renewal, or you can text us your intentions to renew. Do confirm your renewal latest 2 week before the end of the season, that is before the 18th Feb.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

❤ FOLO Team

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