Start of the new year !

Members 1-15: Season3 Week19

Members 16-42: Season2 Week19

Members 43-56: Season1 Week19

Salad Pack Members 1-18: Season2 Week 12


Dearest FOLO Community,

Firstly, a big Thank You from all of us for your support and walk with us through a fruitful 2016. Without you, we wouldn't have expanded composting food waste to 3000kg per day, experiment and grow more variety of vegetables and microgreens, become more financially sustainable, and continue to make our farm better with your volunteer hands. Most of all, we will not be able to feed our loved ones together more and better, our original and never yielding mission.

This year, we promise to continue improving what we do the best we can for our families, to:

- keep improving our soil and farming techniques to produce healthier and even higher quality veggies

- Plan for the increasingly extreme weather by planting more and suitable veggies and experimenting with other varieties

- Make our weekly shares more interesting, maybe even try some pickled veggies, sauces and teas to help us be more resilient during uncertain weather (if interested in this do let us know we want to work together with u 😊😊)

- Continue making our Saturdays and community events more interesting, joyful and fun so we are not only fed with good food, but love and good vibes and super microbes 😊

- Make kempas more and more beautiful and interesting as spaces we can share and rest in.

That's our commitment, and together we can do this joyfully.. so we hope everyone can get more involved at the farm too, and give us ideas and projects we can implement to get better :).

Finally, we also hope to grow our community a bit more so we can afford to hire a good team full time, and be able to give more benefits to our hardworking farm team, most of who have worked through weekends and holidays tirelessly during this challenging first year. As u all know, it takes years to grow the soil 😊😊



As TY mentioned last week, we are consolidating orders for cookies for Silent Teddies, who train the deaf community to be the best bakers in town. They are amazing. Am attaching the order form and their video again. Some of our families have ordered already, so if you are interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY PRIVATE SMS BY MONDAY. I will then sent our joint order to them in time for Chinese New Year.

Thank you so much, and see you tomorrow 😊😊🙏🏽🙏🏽


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