FOLO's New Team Member!

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Hello Fellow FOLO Members! I'm Rena, currently helping our pregnant moms on admin and events work. You may approach me if there's any questions or help needed. Well, a lil' things about me. I kind of healed my illness with healthy diet and lifestyle which leads me to take up studies to become a integrative nutrition health coach and that leads me to join Folo farm 😄 So, free health history session is given to all the members 💪🏽

And, let's celebrate for FOLO as we're one of the recipient for the grant by MaGIC Amplify award. Also, we've won the Popular Choice Award!! 🎉🎉

**This is my first member's message, a moment to remember for me. I'm super nervous while typing it hahaha. Anyway, hope everyone have an awesome weekend ! 🙏😊❤

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