6 easy ways to use leafy vegetables

At FOLO, most of our crops are leafy vegetables. There are so many varieties and our chief farmer loves experimenting with different ones. We put a lot of focus on leafy vegetables because their nutrients are undeniable.

Everyone knows eating more veggies is a good thing. However, if one of your mental obstacles is that eating veggies is boring, because all you know is to put them in salads, our foodie chef Aja Ng has 6 easy suggestions you can try out immediately.

1. Blanch and toss with:

a) Fried garlic and oyster sauce, or

b) Sambal tumis, or

c) Sesame soy sauce (chilled), or

d) Butter/Olive oil & lemon juice

(and that's 4 dishes already!)

2. Stir-Fry with:

a) Sambal belacan, or

b) Fermented bean paste(taucheo), miso, doenjang, or

c) Fermented bean curd(fuyu)

3. Add to complete any one-pot/one-pan meals, such as claypot chicken rice, fried meehoon, your own concoction...

4. Shred raw and use to fill spring rolls, rice paper rolls, tacos

5. Add to soups in the last 5 minutes of cooking

6. Add to juice

Aja shares more tips:

- Don’t overcook as this diminishes the nutrient level of the vegetables

- Store the vegetables with the hardest at the bottom of the chiller (so you do not crush and bruise)

- Practice first in, first out, so your vegetables are all given equal love and attention

Do you find this useful? Do you have other recipes and tips to share? Feel free to leave us comments below.

Happy cooking,


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