Operation Black Gold begins

That's right! After months of planning, we have commenced our composting operations at Ban Foo! This is the team delivering the bins to Renaissance Hotel, our kitchen waste partner. It was a very important day to us, as evidenced by everyone suiting up :) We also brought a basket of our veggies and um, our ukelele :)

For those who are wondering. "I thought you guys already use compost for your current veggies..?", you are not wrong. However, we have been doing so on a small scale, as there is not quite enough land at Kempas. Now that we have set up the Ban Foo land, we can go full force into recycling vast tons of kitchen waste, turning it into gold for our soil so that we can grow superman veggies.

We aim to collect up to 2 tons of kitchen waste daily by partnering with restaurants, wet markets and cafes. It's been an incredible journey getting here and we are full of gratitude for everyone who has helped make this happen. A very big thank you to Renaissance Hotel for believing in the importance of recycling and working with us.

Just as importantly, this will also mean that we can grow more veggies to move up those who have been waiting patiently on our waitlist to become our members.

Collecting kitchen waste ain't glamorous (plus the boys have to wake up at 5am daily to do the collection), but it's extremely rewarding knowing we are being true to nature. Here's a sneak peek of Ban Foo:


The sweaty and slightly stinky FOLO Team :)

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