FOLO recommends: Secret Society

Look at the happy faces! Yes it's because of the tribe gathering, but another reason, which I'm sure you can tell just by looking at the magnificent spread, is the FOOD tonight.

It's the birthday celebration for our very special November babies (FOLO has a lot of them), so we got in the best-kept food secret in JB to come and wield their magic.

They are called Secret Society - a food duo by the names of Mr Teo Wangjieh and Ms Tan Xuenie. This young couple trained in Melbourne and love to use fresh local produce and experiment with different types of cuisines.

For us, they created a mouth-watering rustic spread with lots of fresh FOLO veggies, BBQ bone marrow, 24-hr marinated chicken, customised chilli (essential: Malaysians take their chilli seriously).. we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here are the chefs hard at work:

An innovative watermelon cake :)

Conclusion? Epic food right up the FOLO alley and we highly recommend Secret Society if you are looking for an exclusive food nerd/specialist caterer. Feel free to drop us a line and we'll be happy to link you up with them.

So goodbye for now and see you at the farm!



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