Website, name cards, tee shirts.. we are on a roll!

Hello everyone! This is the official first blog post for the official FOLO website! Welcome welcome :)

We have come a long way since our farm officially kicked off at the start of this year (yes I really like the word 'official' because I hardly ever get to use it), and we have nothing but gratitude for every single one of you who have supported us - be it through your kind words, your donations of pre-loved useful things, your resourcefulness ("oh you want xyz? I know someone who may know someone who knows/has xyz") - the FOLO community grows larger and stronger every day because of you. Big big thank you.

On the veggie-growing logistics front, Chief Farmer and Teacher Ah Lek and his family takes charge, without whom our dreams to feed our loved ones would never have got off the ground. Thank you for trusting us :)

I remember when FOLO Kempas was not yet FOLO Kempas. It didn't have a name then. It was a piece of land with patches of weeds, gritty sand and a few lonely trees, left behind by a beloved one. What to do with half a football field strip of land that was out of the way?

Most of us had come back to JB and SG after years spent abroad studying and working. As adults, we came back to be closer to our families. And we noticed that something was not quite right. Why were our loved ones' health increasingly failing? Why was cancer and organ failure increasingly common, and not just among the older generation? This can't be part of growing up, can it?

From this, a mad ambitious dream took root and grew. We would reclaim our food. We would take ownership of feeding ourselves and our loved ones, since we obviously could not leave this in the hands of industrial capitalist behemoths who thought of food as products, as units to be chemically manipulated for greater output at maximum efficiency, instead of the life-giving nutrition it was supposed to be. And that's how FOLO Kempas came to life. Within the short span of less than a year, we know that we are not the only ones who feel this way. That's why this website is We have more farms on the way. We will take our health back. We will take everyone's health back.

Whoa. I just read what I wrote. Sorry I got carried away. Okay. Dramatic rant over. I actually just wanted to report that our website is now live, and we've just got our name cards (thanks to Jo Lyn with her mad graphic design skills) and our tee shirts are at the printer's. Here's our name card:

The name part is blank because anyone of you might meet anyone of us :)

And finally we have directions to our farm :D

Remember, we are only open on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

Visits at other times are strictly by appointment only.

We would love to hear from you! Comments, messages, pledges of love *ehem* and support are all very welcome. Have a beautiful weekend and see you at the farm.

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